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How To Buy Final Expense Insurance Leads

April 5th, 2009

There are a ton of sources for final expense insurance leads from which agents may choose. However, some are more profitable than others for your insurance selling business. Here is a description of the most popular leads available.

Direct Mail Leads

Direct mail leads were one of the first leads generated for agents that are still available today. Typically, a post card is mailed directly to blue collar prospects and retirees between the age of 55 and 80 with the offer of providing additional funeral coverage beyond the minimal amount available through the Social Security Administration.

For many years, this method of lead generation has been the most consistent for final expense leads. These leads are usually the most costly due to the expense of postage, printing, list compilation, and mailing.

Automatic Computer Dialer Leads

In the early 1990’s, with the proliferation of desk top personal computers and affordable telecommunications hardware, new lead companies began generating outbound computerized phone leads. This method involved custom-fitted computers which automatically dialed thousands of homes with a recorded message about obtaining simplified issue life insurance coverage.

Federal and state “Do Not Call” lists have significantly reduced the number lead companies using this method, however, there are still a few who have determined how to comply the laws on computerized dialers. Also, with the continued affordability of computer dialers, individual general agents have purchased these units to generate leads for themselves and their agents.

Internet Leads

Internet leads are quickly becoming the most popular. These leads are usually generated through online websites created to collect contact information of individuals interested in small face amount policies. Internet lead generation companies concentrate on directing targeted traffic from the internet to their lead capture websites, and then distributing them to agents.

Live Telemarketer Leads

Some lead companies actually hire telemarketers to make cold calls to prospects to generate leads for insurance. These leads can be the most responsive for agents because the prospects have actually had contact with two live individuals who have listened to their coverage needs.

The objective with each of these leads is for the agents to contact them by phone or in-person to the discuss the life insurance. Final expense insurance leads have become the lifeblood of many agents who would not be in business without them.

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